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Erinvale Homeowners' Association

The Erinvale Homeowners' Association (EHOA) is the legally constituted representative of home owners at Erinvale. The Homeowners' Association comprises of five - seven annually elected voluntary trustees including a Chairman, and four members of Estate management staff.

Our Responsibility

The trustee committee and management staff oversee and provide support to important areas of the Estate, defined in portfolios such as:


• Finance

• Architecture

• Estate Grounds
• Civils, Roads & Traffic
• Marketing and Communications
• Security, Health & Safety and Fire Management

The Erinvale Homeowners' Association is financially sound, holds adequate reserves, continuously invests in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, and has professional and committed Estate management in place.

Erinvale is a member of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC).

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Estate Access

Entering Erinvale Estate is a carefully-controlled process to protect the safety of our staff and residents.


You can view the general guidelines for access below, as well as download the Contractor Registration form to ensure your staff can be pre-authorised to access the estate.

You'll find more relevant documentation for reference purposes below, including our Constitution, Estate Rules, Tenancy Agreements and more.


Erinvale Constitution

Erinvale Estate Documents

These documents are available to view and download.

Estate Rules

Architectural Guidelines

Code of Conduct - Regulations

Undertaking - Additions & Alterations

Registration Property Rental

Tenancy Agreement

My Estate Life Brochure


Erinvale HOA Trustee Committee

Erinvale Home Owners Association Trustees sitting around a table

Tim Sanders


Liz Blaiklock

Secretary & Estate Grounds Chairlady

Tony Georgiou

Security Matters & Marketing

Chris Hart

Architectural Matters

Rob Collins

Vice Chairman & Legal Matters

Julian Purdue


Joubert Smit

Municipal Matters


Erinvale HOA Staff

Erna Kemp

Erna Kemp

Estate Manager

Erinvale Homeowners Association

+27 82 894 0930

+27 21 847 1249

Email Erna

Helen Dooley

Helen Dooley

Estate Administrator

Erinvale Homeowners Association

+27 21 847 1249

+27 21 847 1563

Email Helen

Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs

Estate Security & Services Officer

Erinvale Homeowners Association

+27 82 324 3008

+27 21 847 1710

Email Paul

Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson

Estate Liaison Officer

Erinvale Homeowners Association

+27 21 847 1249

+27 21 847 1563

Email Heather