The Ine van der Tak Garden

Erinvale HOA news

On 10th May 2019 “Area 19” became the Ine van der Tak Garden; in memory of Ine, a long-time resident.

Residents that live within close proximity to the area, along with members of the Garden and Trustee Committees, were invited to enjoy a beautiful afternoon of snacks and sundowners by way of celebration.

The area was developed by Crown over the past 18 months, during some of the worst water shortages that the Western Cape has experienced. The piece of wasteland was transformed into what it is hoped will be an inspiration to all gardeners on the Estate in terms of waterwise planting.

If you are able to, take a stroll to see for yourself; stop to take a look and enjoy the smell of the plants.

A bench and some picnic seating will be available at the area shortly.

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